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Well, I guess we'll just have to disagree on this then Larry Send a noteboard - 11/04/2017 11:37:05 PM

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View original postThey came for WOT discussion and stayed for Community. Splitting up the boards just segregates people who won't then "spill over" into the community.

View original postWhat's going to draw people in? The "segregation" argument doesn't make much sense, unless one wants to argue that people self-segregated or, conversely, were ostracized at wotmania for their posting preferences. I just know there were several SF/F bloggers who got their start over at OF who didn't really participate in "community" stuff because it was a bit insular then and I suspect it'd be even more insular now.

View original postBut that's just my perspective on matters. I'm not really active much anywhere these days (the past weekend being a mini-exception), so either way doesn't mean much to me other than a vague desire that even the remnant of the old OF might live on, I suppose.

View original postThe worst think that Mike ever did was to split the boards. OF should never have been split off of community just as WOT should never have been split off either. It was better to keep it mixed and to see the cross pollination going on.

Like I said above, I'm a bit biased on this, but what the OF Admin team did led to quite a bit of exposure outside this site, some of which drew some nascent bloggers here before some went on to get freelance work or better with some of the publishers. There was virtually NO "cross pollination" taking place before October 2001 and there was no incentive to, either. But with the OF board (and later, the Reviews and Interviews section) being there and people committed to it, some of the old regulars have found themselves candidates for major genre awards, including the Hugos.

View original postYes, the rise of FB also meant that people didn't have to interact at wotmania. But for a time before the boards were split there and here, and before people could ignore each other here, you saw everything. You didn't ignore anyone. And maybe your opinion about someone changed over time.

Perhaps, but that wasn't my argument. I don't think I ever used Ignore because I was bemused by some of the debates. But that still doesn't do with my point about what is this site going to be about.

View original postAs to what will draw people in? Probably more discussion of Sanderson. He seems to be the spiritual heir to Jordan. Especially given his fantastic world building in the Cosmereverse that he has created.

Sanderson has his own fansite, The Seventeenth Shard, if I recall. I'll withhold my opinions on his literary merits for now But again, the question returns to what should be the focus of the site? The old Perl board wotmania (1999-early 2001) had WoT, "Other Fantasy," and "Off Topic" as its categories, with the focus intended to be on books and away from "community." Is that the focus you want with a single board? Or if you want a "Community"-oriented single board, are you going to accept that this might limit new membership, even if people were to take the initiative and go on social media and persuade others to visit? That's the issue at hand; I'm somewhat indifferent, other than expressing an opinion on what might revitalize the membership here.

View original postI should probably suggest a book club discussion of The Way of Kings and Words of Radiance before Oathbringer comes out in November. Once the boards are combined.

Go for it. Hopefully it will go well.

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