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After reading all the posts so far, here is my newest suggestion... imlad Send a noteboard - 24/09/2009 08:59:47 PM
First, I would like to point out that I think that conversation on a particular topic will be more common if that topic is seen as a subject. Maybe not right away, but if people regularily see a subject choice when they go to post I think that over time they're going to be more likely use it. That might not be logical, just the way I see it. Basically, if it is not there, it definitely won't get used, but if it IS there, eventually somebody WILL use it (possibly me, just to probe my point :smirk: ). I don't see harm in having subjects that aren't used that often at first.

Here is the inclusive list of what I feel should be Subject choices:

-RAFO Stuff
-Miscellaneous (this would include "Other Games", and sounds better too)
-Platform Games (or some such name for PC/XBox/Gameboy etc)
-Role Playing Games (this is D&D and such, not Final Fantasy etc)
-Playing Card Games
-Collectible Card Games
-Miniatures Games
-Other Tabletop Games

Of course, Platform Games should probably actually be a seperate MB entirely in my opinion. To me it is a totally different mindset (most people I know that play on their XBox or such rarely play any other sort of game, except maybe Magic:TG). If platform games was a seperate MB, then you could have genre subjects within it (FPS, RTS, RPG, Puzzle, Fighting Games, etc). This would open up discussion on roleplaying without Final Fantasy and WOW players to be cluttered in with players of Vampire the Masquerade and d20 Modern and D&D.

If we don't split Platform Games off, then we'll need to break that Subject down somehow to include the various genres within it.

Hey gang. There have been murmurings within the suggestion section asking for new message board topics (credit to imlad for the suggestion I read), and now that you've all had some time to play around with what we have, I'd like to know:

Do you, the games board masses, want any more message board topics? If so, what would you like?

Keep in mind that your suggestions (if any) should be general enough that people will talk about them fairly frequently, and for a period of at least a year or two. Stated another way, topics should be popular, and semi-permanent. Here are some ideas suggested by imlad to get you started:

Playing Card Games
Collectible Card Games
Miniatures Games
Other Tabletop Games
Other Games

Anyway, if you'd like to see something, post it here. After the discussion dies down, I'll select the most popular / best suited ideas, and see if Ben will hook us up.
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