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Trip to Spain

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Deep in the clutches of January, I'd decided I need more than new job, I need a new career. But instead, I found a new hobby: vacation planning. I'd decided to go on a 18-day trip to Spain, and convinced my boyfriend to come with me. In the last two weeks, I have spent more time planning than working or sleeping. Finally, But I've figured out the itinerary, and it's going to be amazing. It minimizes travel time and hassle, maximizes pleasure. We'll do everything, nightlife, museums, culture, architecture, watching flamenco, wandering random streets, tapas bar crawls, picnic in the park, ride trains through beautiful countryside, see La Alhambra, hike the Sierra Nevada. It will be better than anyone else's trip. We'll have perfect weather (May). I'll learn Spanish and he'll brush up on his Arabic and French.


- Depart on a 9pm overnight direct flight to Madrid, arrive at the hotel/apartment early afternoon.
- Madrid: 5 nights in the city, 4.5 days. Day trips to Toledo and Segovia (2000 year-old functioning Roman aqueduct. Visit museums, parks, bars.
- Cordoba: 1 day (arrive in the morning/early afternoon on a 2-hour fast train from Madrid, leave as late 9pm on the fast train to Seville, 45 min). See the Mezquita, walk the Jewish quarter.
- Seville: 4 nights, 3 full days. Take guided walking tours of the city center, Cathedral, and Alcazar. Visit Italica (well-preserved Roman city). Go to flamenco bars, maybe a bullfight.
- Morocco: 4 nights, 3 full days, via ferry from Tarifa/Algeciras to Tangier.
- Ronda or Antequera: 1 night, 1 day. Ronda has a stunning view, situated on a gorge, and a lively old quarter. Antequera has the Dolmens (massive pre-historic burial sites/tombs, 5000-6500 years old, think Stonehedge), stunning rock formation in a park 12 km away (near Villanueva de la Concepcion village) and ruins of Roman baths. I think I just convinced myself to choose Antequera.
- Granada: 4 nights, 3 days. Spend a day each seeing La Alhambra and hiking in Sierra Nevada. Stay up the last night, and take the 7 or 8am bus to Malaga airport to fly home.

I thought I had it all figured out, but reading about Antequera makes me want to spend more time there. Same for Ronda. It might comes down to the ease/cost of lodging and transportation. The budget-yet-doable version of the whole trip comes down to $2700 per person including flight ($150/day). I need to be sure to catch the Renfe train discounts, and book lodging early enough (doing the airbnb route, renting a room from the locals, because I need an option that is super cheap). Can't even think about packing yet; for 18 days? I've never done anything like that. That applies to the trip overall.