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Journal: Entry for Aeryn

Probably staying put for now

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Posted: 09/05/2013 01:50:46 PM

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So I probably will stay at my current job for now. First big reason is money and time off. I already have big vacation plans and would have to save for a while to cover them, and save even more if I plan on taking a 60% salary cut. I can also use my tenure here as leverage for more vacation days, which I realize I need desperately. But I have been very energized in the last 2 weeks, more so than ever before. I'm saying yes to all and any meetings, I'm doing networking outside (going to meetup groups that catch my eye), also smiling at people in meetings. That makes a big difference. Went to a client meeting with my boss yesterday, got to watch how he talks with clients. I need more data to learn. I've also identified a bunch of books on selling/marketing/networking, going to be reading more.

Another development that makes me more optimistic, the boss mentioned they might be merging with a smaller team that's coming over soon - a woman financial advisor, analyst and client associate. I want to be in a larger group, have more people to talk with. A larger group is more opportunities. Oh, and my target is going to be 401(k) plans and pension plans. I'm going to learn all about this stuff, and then we'll start prospecting.

So we'll see how my energy level holds up after several weeks and several months. Also getting the intern will help me with economic research. I need 4 weeks of vacation damn it!!!

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