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Journal: Entry for Aeryn

War on SAD

Author: Aeryn Send a noteboard

Posted: 26/09/2013 03:26:09 PM

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I've got seasonal affective disorder, or at least my version of it. I don't get it in the dark of winter, I get it when the temperature shifts from summer to fall - the fall blues is what I call it. Sets in usually early to mid-October, or late September, and hopefully gone in December, once temperatures stabilize. It's a mean bugger, and it took me several days just to recognize what was happening. Awareness is key though. I am approaching this like a depression, like a disease. So, my action plan:

  1. Gym. Physical activity is key to regulating moods, levels of energy and feelings of well-being. Now that I know I'm supposed to be feeling sluggish and fatigued, it won't stop me from starting to exercise again. Medicinal exercise, not to feel good, but to keep from feeling worse.

  2. Energetic morning routine. Mornings set the tone for the entire day.

  3. Resist the slide into apathy. Don't let yourself wallow.

  4. Pour energy into work. Since you won't be feeling well, might as well be productive, so there's something to show at the end of it. I'm not asking you to throw yourself into social interactions, but this kind of introverted mood is actually perfect for getting work done. Repeat: you're not happy anyway, might as well work.

  5. Don't break up with your boyfriend. Don't avoid him, don't push him away. Make sure to see him about twice a week.

  6. Eat lunch. Eat dinner. But at least lunch. You don't have to save money, you have enough money.

  7. Before any action, whether it's deciding to be late to work, to not go into a meeting, to cancel plans with friends, to skip meals, to be grumpy - ask yourself, is this a manifestation of the fall blues? What's the intention behind this action? Is it to make yourself feel worse, to let the disease take deeper root?

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Re: War on SAD

I don't mean to be weird but, I've been feeling somewhat depressed lately. I have no motivation, I want to do stuff....but there is a huge lack of ambition. I am glad that I saw this post. I can't seem to get through #4. I just rather sleep and dream about it than actually do. I was hoping that joining this community (I used to be a part of Wotmania...)will help me bring back my passion of writing. I love writing, but I lost the spark long ago. I think these are really good steps to getting back on track, I hope everything has worked out for the better for you! Keep your head up!