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Real name: Lucy
Gender: Female
Age: None
Country: United Kingdom

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Date joined: Aug. 30, 2009
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now available on Skype and Facebook !

tropes that apply to me:

Squishy wizard
Technicolor eyes
Blonde, brunette, red-head
Adult child
She’s got legs
Fat girl
Cake eater
Does not like to be touched
Big eater
Cute witch?
Messy hair
Team chef
Brilliant but lazy
Beware the nice ones
Bottle fairy
Hopeless suitor
I am very british
“well done daughter” girl
No social skills
The loner
Speech impediment
I just want to have friends
Chaotic good
The un-smile
Bi the way
Unrequited Tragic Maiden
The Quiet One
Beware The Quiet One