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Journal: Entry for Yunalesca

More pathetic wangst from me

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Posted: 04/09/2013 01:37:24 AM

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and this time its a doozy. I'm basically trapped in two love triangles.

One is very ambiguous as person 2 and 3 may or may not be dating or even feel that way but I feel like I can't ask either about what's going on as I haven't been friends with either for very long and I don't want my craziness to ruin the friendship I have with both.

The other is simpler but so much worse as person 2 in that one is dating someone else and I feel horrible for still having feelings for him and trying to be friendly.

How do I even start to get out of this mess? I hate love triangles and I don't want to hurt anyone else involved. Am I just being totally stupid and over sensitive or am I a horrible person?

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Well, I'm not sure how much help I'm going to be,

seeing as my Romantic problems deal more with romances not existing than existing with taken people, but I honestly think nobody can be called a horrible person for liking someone, that'd be as backwards as it gets. So, definately not a horrible person.