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Quickpoll for 5th March 2012

Did you watch the Oscars?

 Yes, the whole thing (11.01% - 12 votes)
 No, none of it (76.15% - 83 votes)
 Some of it (12.84% - 14 votes)
I stayed up and took the next day off, even.
I never watch any of the award shows.
Don't watch them, don't care who won.
If I like something, I like it. It does not matter to me (other than for the sake of conversation/debate) what anyone else thinks; especially some arbitrary panel of "experts".
I am not saying the academy is always right
Maybe not even often. But they are experts. The camera men vote for the camera men, the directors for the directors and so on. They know what to pay attention to. But yeah, but always make them right, of course.

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