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I cannot wrap my head around the fact that there are Star Wars fans who not only think that it's a good movie, but that it's one of the best of the franchise. I think if you are naive to the series it would be an entertaining stand-alone film with some great effects.

The entire movie is a 2hr chase through space. There is literally zero character development. Finn is boring as hell and suddenly as a sanitary worker he's a master duelist who can take on professional combatants like Phasma (who is a coincidentally a total waste of a talented actress). He's also running around with Rose who is a terrible actress. Poe is one-dimensional kick-ass soldier who can't think past blowing things up - a shadow of a shadow of Wedge.

What I can't understand is the execution of the built up characters. We've literally been told that Luke is the most powerful Jedi who has ever lived, but he doesn't do anything. I can't believe he pre-judged his nephew even though he went through a concerted effort to turn his fallen father. Then, as if it's never been a story line before, he sulks about how he was a bad master. After some astral projection and stick fighting, he's now dead. He couldn't even get through three lessons.

Snoke seemed to be a genuinely interesting character and he has spawned major theories on his origins. He's also history. Now we have two whiny apprentices dueling it out for Ep 9, and no answers. They both have partial training and a lot of teenage angst. If there were another 4 movies they would still try and turn Kylo Ren even though he has no intention of doing so.

Leia pulls off arguably the single greatest act with the Force ever seen by surviving space. The one actor who legitimately died in real life who could have gone down in a blade of glory i.e. hyperspace destruction of the fleet, is the one they keep alive at all costs.

I only enjoyed Chewie, the Yoda cameo, and the Porg. The rest of the movie wrecked the SW story. Rogue One was much much better.

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