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So my coworker lit the bat-signal this morning aerocontrols Send a noteboard - 26/11/2018 03:41:12 PM

On our office phones, you must dial '9' to get an outside number and then '1' to indicate you are dialing out of our area code (and maybe even within our area code? Internal calls need neither the '9' to get out nor the first 5 digits of the 10-digit phone number, and I'm never making a local call except internally)

Anyway, he hit the required '9', then '1', but accidentally double-pressed '1' so got connected with emergency services and has had a steady stream of supervisors checking up on him all morning.

Which is pretty funny from my side of the cube wall.

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So my coworker lit the bat-signal this morning - 26/11/2018 03:41:12 PM 147 Views
That's a very common thing actually. Cops hate it, especially in places where they have to come. - 26/11/2018 10:19:56 PM 70 Views
They apparently don't have to come, here - 26/11/2018 11:01:55 PM 55 Views
happens in my office all the time - 30/11/2018 04:17:45 PM 47 Views

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