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An old man kvetches about everything (what was that acronym? NSSP?) damookster Send a noteboard - 04/12/2018 03:56:37 AM

Much to my amazement, I turned 66 today.

I say much to my amazement because I never expected to be this old.

I never expected to outlive my wife. Men die first, amirite?

When I was a young man, I assumed the world of mankind would self-destruct. Nuclear war, environmental disaster, overpopulation driven famine and disease. Between Nixon’s totalitarianism and then Carter’s ineptitude it seemed inevitable. Living until 2018 in a world still plodding along? Impossible!

And yet, here I am. The world is still here. We haven’t blown it all up. The environmental disaster is still in the future. Global famine, water shortages or pandemics haven’t yet extinguished all human life.

I have already outlived my expectations. I’m still going to work everyday. Still enjoying a nice bottle from my wine cellar. Still pleased to see my granddaughter taking college classes as a high school junior and looking forward to dinner with my daughter and son in law this Friday night. And while the pain of losing my wife will never go away, I am somehow managing to keep on keeping on. Mostly due to the love of family and friends.

So on this, my birthday, I want to thank each and everyone of you here at RAFO/Wotmania. You have helped give me a reason not to shoot myself. You have been true friends.



"Mookie often gives us multiples."

Sareitha Sedai 07/18/2017
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