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I found the world's dumbest Wheel of Time fan Cannoli Send a noteboard - 28/12/2018 03:27:23 PM

This kid "Daniel Greene" makes lots and lots and LOTS of videos about Wheel of Time and posts them on Youtube. He mostly just talks about his (wrong) opinions or compares Wheel of Time to other works (badly).

Like in one video, he compared Moiraine to Gandalf, because they are anything at all alike, aside from being characters who died and came back, except Moiraine didn't die, she engineered her own disappearance, captivity and the timing of her rescue for maximum dramatic effect. But otherwise a young and inexperienced magic nun who is manipulative and emotionally deteched is basically the same as an immortal and wise demigod whose main attribute is compassion, and who cherishes and protects the innocent farming community, instead of lambasting them for not being badass warriors and heroes. The end result of the superficial comparison was that Moiraine was more powerful, because she used a "hard magic system" and the One Power could rearrange continents. Stupid Gandalf, seving the Secret Fire and attending the Vala Nienna as she mourned the suffering of the world, instead of learning to channel. Oh well, it's not like he or his fellow Ainur could ever have anything to do with rearranging a continent like Moiraine does, ever.

The video that took the cake was "The Wheel of Time's Worst Plot Line." I am completely incapable of restraining my curiousity over stuff like this, even when I should be going to bed, because I have to get up at 4:30. The worst plot line was the totally out of character conflict between Egwene and Rand in the last couple of books. It made no sense. It came out of nowhere and it had the characters act completely different from their usual selves for the sake of forcing conflict. Short of saying that this "Dark One" character comes out of nowhere to menace the world in "A Memory of Light" I don't think it's possible to be more wrong in that regard. Rand/Egwene conflict has been built into the series longer and more thoroughly than Rand being the Dragon Reborn. You can love or hate either character, love or hate the series or Jordan's writing, but you cannot say that Rand's conflict with Egwene was not clearly foreshadowed and thoroughly established. They have two different arguments in their very first conversation! The first time Egwene is mentioned, Rand's reaction is one of mixed feelings about their relationship and the prospect of encountering her! The conflcting and opposing images of the Flame of Tar Valon and the Dragon's Fang become eponymous with Rand and Egwene more than any other two people in the whole series. But Daniel Greene says the conflict is stupid and they are firmly established as characters who could and would just sit down and openly and honestly talk out their issues, like they always do.

He has a video that from its title is a character analysis of Nynaeve and another one apparently calling out authors for writing "lazy morality." I am terrifed to click on them.

He closed out one video with the usual Youtube's mantra inviting viewers to like the video or subscribe to the channel or give one's thoughts in the comments, adding a suggestion to start the comment with "Actually..." and proceed in a condescending tone. Did it maybe occur to him for a moment that he gets this reaction so often because he misses glaring points like this?

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