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A problem I cannot get past in watching Polar Cannoli Send a noteboard - 01/02/2019 07:12:33 AM

"Polar" is a recent Netflix film. It is trying very very hard to be tough and grim and edgy, mostly with a garish aesthetic and being ultra violent and gory, and really wishes it was "John Wick". It stars Mads Mikkelson as an assassin who works for a company, with a top notch, fancy retirement and pension plan, and retirement is mandatory for all employees at 50, which our hero is nearing. However, the boss is trying to sell the company and to shore up the revenue projections, he is having his retiring assassins killed. By their younger coworkers.

Hence the issue. Why would they do this? Why would anyone work for someone this obviously untrustworthy? How are we supposed to regard people that shortsighted as serious threats? Also, the boss being that stupid so as to take the risk of those employees wising up is another thing that makes his threat hard to take seriously. Kathryn Winnick plays some sort of consigliere to the boss who is constantly warning him he shouldn't take the risk of bumping off the the main guy, but her argument seems to rest on awareness of his plot armor invincible badassery, rather than the inherent risk letting your deadly assassin underlings know you might be a threat to them.

Overall, the movie isn't too bad if you just want a violent spectacle and aren't bothered by the weird color stuff and how hard it tries to be visually distinctive, but there are a few other bits of plot-mandated stupidity like tactics that make a big dramatic counter-attack possible, or people going to extremes to keep secrets and then blowing the secret by drawing attention to it.

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