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Are professional thieves behind these credit card pockets on smart phones? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 07/03/2019 05:07:24 PM

Seriously, are people just begging to be 100% ripped off? Why do you even need to keep those two things together? What if you need a credit card and instead of in your wallet, it's still the phone which is plugged into a charge somewhere? Doesn't it make handing your phone to someone awkward, when you go to show them a video or let them enter a phone number like they do in the movies (I assume if you're dumb enough to affix your credit card to your phone, you're dumb enough to imitate things movies do so they don't have to say phone numbers out loud), and you're keeping at least one eye to make sure they don't palm your credit card?

The only use I can think of, is if you are going to buy something over the phone, for which you do not need the physical card. Write the number somewhere and stick it in the phone case or text it to yourself so you can look it up if you are going to shop Amazon or Door Dash or iTunes with your phone (and those sites don't have your card numer saved... ).

I should be a criminal! It's like the world is set up to be a massive source of temptation.

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Are professional thieves behind these credit card pockets on smart phones? - 07/03/2019 05:07:24 PM 99 Views
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