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WoT TV series Narg Send a noteboard - 14/03/2019 10:40:03 PM

Would you prefer the WoT TV series keep the comparatively innocent tone of RJ's books such as fake WoT swearing (blood and ashes, flaming, mother's milk in a cup etc.), sex kept mostly behind the scenes, and somewhat conservative sexual attitudes (at least initially) of the 2 rivers folks? Or do you hope they chase the success of the Game of Thrones and have profanity, sex, and extreme gore take front and center? I realize that WoT includes plenty of violence and it could be as gory as one wants to depict it.

If they follow the events of EotW, there wouldn't be any sexual content or real cursing at all, unless I am forgetting something. Maybe a better way to ask it is if you would rather the TV series keep the mostly PG to PG-13 tone of WoT books or the R to NC-17 tone of Game of Thrones?

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WoT TV series - 14/03/2019 10:40:03 PM 175 Views
I'd expect something inbetween, I guess. - 15/03/2019 08:03:57 AM 64 Views
It's going to be on Amazon. - 20/03/2019 02:43:06 PM 42 Views
if they make is will be all romance all the time - 21/03/2019 01:20:58 PM 34 Views

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