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Get your ass the hell off of my goddam lawn. damookster Send a noteboard - 09/05/2019 03:02:49 AM

It’s time for a rant. I’m old. So, I’m entitled. Hey I didn’t make the rules.

Does anyone ever use a dictionary anymore? I am continually appalled at how few understand the definition of Socialism. Just about every resource one can reference will tell you Socialism is a system of governance where the state owns all means of production and distribution. Is that difficult to understand? I’m a process expert now but I spent years in logistics. So I grasp that definition spells out the state owns all manufacturing along with the extended supply chains necessary to support those manufacturers and supply their customers.

Yet so many people claim our country is already Socialist because we have police and firemen and sanitation and teachers and libraries and Social Security and Medicare and national highways and city buses and subways and blah, blah, blah. Please tell me, what do policemen and firemen produce? What state manufactured product does public transportation distribute? These are not Socialism. They are social services. Not the same thing. Once again, try a dictionary. Or Google if you’re lazy. Search engines are our friends.

Plus I want to slowly and painfully kill every idiot who points to Scandinavia as examples of Socialism succeeding. Really? Then why do the leaders of those countries consistently reject being labeled as Socialists? Once again, type is Sweden or is Denmark Socialist into your search bar. See what comes back.

Socialism is a failed system of government. It has failed miserably wherever it has been tried. It’s a travesty that some still promote it as viable. I pray that if our younger generations insist on destroying our country by going down this path, that it doesn’t happen until after I’m dead.



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Sareitha Sedai 07/18/2017
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