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It means Obama† is either a hypocrite or he is disillusioned Roland00 Send a noteboard - 26/08/2019 07:24:17 PM

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You claim that the media is biased against Trump and reports every foible and mistake that doesnt't matter but miss the important stuff.

But here you are, focused on an ex-President buying a manor, mixed in with pure bullshit nonsense about how it apparently contradicts climate science to boot!

Well done.

It means Obama† is either a hypocrite or he is disillusioned.

†By which I mean "community organizer" Obama, the Obama that existed prior to President Obama knows that if you care about any community organization you do not do any "hypocritical" actions at the top with your community organization. Thus Obama no longer believes in community organization, does not care about Climate Change, does not see himself as a leader for a greater movement, etc.

It does not make sense if he is supposedly "embodying" such values.


Obama should have the freedom and liberty to do this, but it seems so nihilistic and it makes me angry (I am actually angrier at Obama for other things) for Obama supposedly preached the value of institutions, not to be nihilistic, etc all while at the same time taking incremental actions, actions that are later overwhelmed by people who seek power.

You can't be naive, nihilistic, and proclaiming an idealistic optimistic vision for the future at the same time.

Obama actions for lots of his presidency were naive at certain stages (he did do a lot of good things as well, this can be simultaneously true for Obama made 1000s of decisions, and Obama staff made millions of decisions for that is the nature of power, that is the nature of the presidency, it has always been this way since the bronze age.) Now he is acting nihilistic. And this rubs people the wrong way for he used to be super idealistic optimistic man where "yes we can" for we are in this together.


Spending $15 million on beach front property sends the signal we are not in this together.

It is Obama's life, it is Obama's money, but it is a middle finger to the idea of solidarity. (A thing I believe in and I am loyal to, while SIMULTANEOUSLY I am a super skeptical of the concept.)

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