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Basically, despite the critical acclaim, "Breaking Bad" did not quite make Aaron Paul a star. So he & the writers made this. It's a feature-length movie, not a TV series. Or a two hour special, depending on how you look at it.

The plot is kind of simple, picking up right after the finale of "Breaking Bad", with Jesse fleeing the compound where he had been held by Uncle Jack & Todd, in the titular car. Jesse needs to get clear of the whole Heisenberg mess, so he looks up possible sources of aid and gathers resources, while a series of flashback recollections help frame his state of mind and intentions to the audience. The flashbacks, and Jesse's odyssey through the Albuquerque underworld, are a sort of nostalgia tour of "Breaking Bad", which plays to the strength of the film, as Jesse really has never been all that compelling of a character in his own right. During the show's run, he was more of a piece for other characters to move or use, his motives were fairly base and he never had much strength of character or conviction. The one appealing aspect of his character was his ability to learn and improve himself through his adventures with Walt, Mike and Gus. And that's part of the purpose of the flashbacks, and really the theme of movie, to show both how Jesse could be all right and make his getaway or how the traumas and experiences of his past are dragging him down.

And that's about it. There's some "Breaking Bad" elements in there, with clever McGuyvering and opportunistic scheming, though Jesse doesn't have anything like Walt's scientific and engineering accumen. If cinematography is what they mean by lots of shots at non-traditional angles and nice scenery, there's that sort of call back, too. There are also a few instances of macho posturing and implied toxic ego issues that doom characters and some small nice moments, too. It's not nearly as naval-gazing as the show, which, I am fairly sure, would have taken 4 or 5 episodes to get this much plot out.

It's not bad. Basically a long episode of "Breaking Bad", but one of those where they focus on secondary characters, while Walt deals with personal crap off-screen.

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