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I think I prefer Olivia Colman to Claire Foy in "The Crown" Cannoli Send a noteboard - 23/11/2019 10:26:04 PM

I'm really only familiar with Colman from "The Favorite" where she played Queen Anne, as a clueless, manipulated ruler. She didn't seem a good match to continue Foy's portrayal of Elizabeth II: Liz Harder, with her poise and self-possession. But being set in the early to mid-sixties, in the third season, where Colman is playing an older Elizabeth, you'd think she should have more, rather than less, of the qualities Foy portrayed and Colman's character lacked. But really, a theme of the show is the monarchy coping with the changing times (and when that's the theme of like, EVERY one of the {admittedly only two} shows I've watched about the British aristocracy in the 20th century, maybe that's a sign the institution should not be a thing), Colman's more unsettled, wide-eyed nervousness actually seems to serve well. And I wouldn't even call it a depiction of a regressing character. When Foy's Elizabeth got caught in an error or ignorance, she seemed kind of royally indignant, whereas Colman's handles the seemingly more numerous occasions (judging from a single episode's sample) with more grace and ease.

Helena Bonham-Carter is suprisingly good at the aristocratic side of the role of the queen's millstone of a sister. I rather suspect she was cast more with a mind for playing the train wreck that was her private life. Tobias Menzies, from Rome & Game of Thrones, is the Queen's husband, but he feels more like he's trying to do an impression, rather than a character. He looks like he might have facial prosthetics and is definitely doing a much different voice. I can't tell if they recast the recurring members of the royal human furniture household staff, but some of them seem to have the same names. They bring back Joh Lithgow to play Churchill for a whole scene just so you believe you're still watching the same show.

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