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A thought about the natural order in "Frozen" (allusions to the sequel) Cannoli Send a noteboard - 27/11/2019 05:34:28 PM

Since "don't fuck with nature" seems to be a major theme in this franchise, I have come to the theory that Kristoph & Anna are together only because having a sexual relationship with the people whom they really want to be with (Sven & Elsa, respectively) would be a violation of said natural order too dangerous to contemplate. As the trolls pointed out about Kristoph & Sven in their song in the prior film. And maybe he's got a little bit of a thing for Elsa, too, given Olaf's imitation and the ease with which Kristoph guesses.

Another thing I noticed in this film, was that most of Elsa's narrative is visual. She doesn't really have much spoken dialogue aside from basic conversation or exposition, and her character arc plays out through action and magical effects, whereas Anna does a lot more verbal emoting. Clearly one of the actresses is trusted more than the other.

Also, open note to Disney: Having Elsa wince at a depiction of her performance of "Let It Go" from the prior movie does not count as an apology for unleashing that song on the world, nor does it make amends.

Also, maybe stop shitting on Hans? He sang a song about love. The rule of musicals is that people are sincere when they sing, unless they clearly telegraph otherwise. You can't hide your true feelings when performing a song, even if you are singing lyrics you don't really mean, that's the agreement with the audience. Clearly the trolls mind-controlled Hans to turn against Anna, so they could get their adopted kinsman married into the royal family. His villain monologue was probably a cry for help that Anna, whose most prominent character trait is cluelessness and misunderstanding hints and inferences (a natural consequence of growing up as a shut-in and a reason why Olaf & Sven kick her ass at charades), took at face value.

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A thought about the natural order in "Frozen" (allusions to the sequel) - 27/11/2019 05:34:28 PM 58 Views

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