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When Youtube suggests a video with the words "How to fight tigers"... Cannoli Send a noteboard - 12/01/2020 03:45:07 AM

...I think "Ooh, this sounds interesting, and possibly even useful someday, if I'm ever in that situation."

And then I see the channel is "Military History Visualized" which I watch for the amusing graphics and the narrator's thick accent pronouncing technical terms. "But why would he have a video about fighting tigers, when most of his content seems to be related to World War Two...oooooh."

And it's about the Panzerkampfwagen Mark VI. Which is exactly the sort of thing any halfway decent algorithm would know is up my alley, given that I was more confident in my spelling of "Panzerkampfwagen" than "algorithm". But I was really more in the mood to learn how to fight panthera tigris. Hell, I KNOW how to fight the Mk VI - have a lot of friends you won't miss, a really powerful anti-tank gun, get behind it and shoot it in the weaker rear armor while it's shooting up all those friends. Also, while the other kind is on the endangered species list, it's not yet as obsolete as the tank, so it's arguably more of a threat.

Anyone know of any tiger-fighting resources?

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