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How hot is Kyle Shanahan's seat right now? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 03/02/2020 12:05:35 PM

I'm thinking one year to fix this, and then he's gone. This is not about his team melting down and getting outscored 21-0 in the fourth quarter. It's about his only having a ten point lead going into that quarter. When you have three timeouts and more than a minute before halftime, in a tied Super Bowl, you damn well try to score. As I understand it, the rationale he gave was that trying to advance the ball could result in KC getting it back with three timeouts of their own. I think Kansas City was not the only team playing last night with a coaching staff that has two fewer testicles than normal.

First of all, that excuse never EVER flies. You are ALWAYS trying to score unless it's late in the fourth quarter and you have a reasonable guess as to what the range of the final score might be, and a much larger sample of how the other team is playing in that particular game. If you're a playoff team, you have BETTER have confidence in your offense having a reasonable ability to keep hold of the ball. If you're a shitty team, you have nothing to lose, so you might as well gamble. If you're a middling team with a record just shy of 500, you might as well be a shitty team, since you still aren't making the playoffs, but your fans don't have any reasonable hope of a great player coming in the draft, so you might as well be entertaining.

Second of all, at that point in the game, in nearly 29 minutes, Kansas City had scored 10 points, three of them coming off a particularly lucky turnover. If you're sufficiently intimidated by that performance to give up trying to take the lead, you have no business in any competitive endeavor. You should just kiss your family good bye and let a real man take them from you.

And to make matters worse, Shanahan's boss, a former actual player, was seen in his box visibly wanting his team to call timeouts and try to make a drive happen. When you pass up a scoring opportunity that the fans and your boss clearly wanted you to take, and find yourself down by two scores at the end of the game and flailing, you've screwed up pretty badly.

And when you're coaching opposite Andy Reid in a championship game, and you come away looking worst overall in coaching for the night, not to mention grossly inferior in the area of clock management and handling two minute drills, that's stooping pretty low.

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