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Wow. Trump really sucks at travel bans fionwe1987 Send a noteboard - 12/03/2020 06:05:59 PM

In response to a virus that does not, and is not expected to, discriminate based on nationality, Trump has ordered a ban on travel from continental Europe..except for American citizens who are in continental Europe, because...Americans can't get the coronavirus?

The ban also excludes Great Britain and Ireland. Despite quite a few cases in both places. I'm struggling to even come up with some ironic logic on this one. Viruses cannot swim?

Trump also seems to believe his ludicrous border wall will help with the virus. While insisting a vaccine is around the corner. AND that the virus may well magically disappear.

I'm once again considering whether this is all an elaborate dream because reality cannot be this bizarre, can it?

In the early days of this, I thought that as a germophobe, Trump would do better with this crisis than any other. Boy was I wrong.

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