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If only Clinton were elected instead Nargs Send a noteboard - 18/03/2020 10:11:42 PM

We wouldn't be having to deal with this whole Wuhan virus thing. She could have prevented the sales of bats and rats in the markets. Missed opportunities! damn!

But at least she would have made sure we had billions of testing kits ready for when the virus finally made it to the USA. And likely a vaccine in place already.

Also... what trump has done to the stock market and my precious 401k!? Hillary would have been more sensitive to the needs of the economy. cries into hands, retreats to safe space

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If only Clinton were elected instead - 18/03/2020 10:11:42 PM 88 Views
If we get the same results no matter the leader than - 21/03/2020 03:49:55 PM 23 Views

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