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I'm at once the most political I've ever been and the least politically excited I've ever been. Ghavrel Send a noteboard - 31/10/2020 10:40:36 AM

I am voting on Tuesday with even less enthusiasm than I had in 2016. I am voting almost purely out of self-interest in the hopes that Biden will keep the ACA running somehow and will reinstate the anti-discrimination policies for trans people.

But I am absolutely baffled by people who are actively excited at the prospect of a Biden/Harris presidency. Obviously I believe it important that the current President be removed, but actual interest in the Democrats is absurd to me.

I'm getting old and cranky.

"We feel safe when we read what we recognise, what does not challenge our way of thinking.... a steady acceptance of pre-arranged patterns leads to the inability to question what we are told."

Ghavrel is Ghavrel is Ghavrel


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