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Happy Diwali damookster Send a noteboard - 13/11/2020 09:20:29 PM

I just got off a Microsoft Teams call with my logistics team in India and concluded by wishing all a happy and healthy Diwali, which starts tomorrow.

Before every major festival I refresh my memory online as to what are the most appropriate wishes. While skimming a list of Diwali Tweets from prominent people, I came across this one from Senator Kamala Harris in 2014:

"Wishing all a Happy #Diwali, a celebration of the power within each of us to fill the darkness with light. #SaalMubarak."

It struck me that in this horrible year, trying to fill the darkness with light is something we all should endeavor to do.

Happy Diwali Fionwe1987 and anyone else who might celebrate.



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Sareitha Sedai 07/18/2017
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