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Why didn't Mike take over the world in place of these Technogarch morons? Roonas Send a noteboard - 18/11/2020 10:55:13 PM

I swear ... every time I see Zucky testifying, I begin to think why didn't Mike Mackert and Pento come to dominate the world ... and using trope-style plot twists, why can't I live in 'The Universe' where they got 'upped' in place of Zuck and the Schmucks?

(non-sequitur: I wanna shake Dorsey by the shoulders and ask him if he "needs a coffee to sober up?" every time he talks).

The fact that the Hill news-show even acts shocked at the level of information and "power" in the Technogarchs hands is laughable - almost as much as the lie they "catch" the Technogarchs in ... the lie that the news-hosts tell themselves to get to sleep every night must be a mighty big whopper. "FB is watching us when we're not using it?" So is your phone and most other modern appliances, let alone cctv networks and security systems and the list goes on etc.

Pandering anger and outrage at one lie while covering their own is just sad to me ... so sad the only thing you can do is laugh.

I make no excuse for the source, nor disparage it - they are one of the last "two-side" shows out there in the echo-spheres. Problematically, though - they are only 2 sides of a much more complex and layered garbage heap that is American Politics now, so they still come across as schilling a narrative.

I have never, nor will I ever sign up for Facebook, nor Twitter. I am exposed enough through Google, Sony and Samsung as it is between the technologies. "P"rivacy does not mean the same thing today as it did in our parents time, let alone our Grandparents time - wonder what it will mean in a decades time even?

You guys are all the social media I can stand, as even Youtube is beginning to become a nightmare with their Algorithm issues. In order to even see counter-viewpoint pieces you have to trick the thing or stay logged out.

Thanks for letting me rant, my Luddite Neanderthal inner-beast is assuaged.

For a followup if Internet Rabbithole inclined: Google DATAZucc

Enjoy the Theater if you choose:


Rising - The Hill TV Network? (think it's just internet based tho)
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