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To say that it was *meh* would be generous (spoilers) Jeordam Send a noteboard - 04/01/2021 04:44:03 PM

Let me start off by saying that the first one was actually good. Let's set aside the fact that so many think that any criticism of the movie is due to the behind the camera, female lead thing. It has nothing to do with that. My criticism of this movie was that it took a story line, and then managed to scrape it so thin, that big gaps and issues shine through.

You mentioned the one about Kristin Wiig's character. I couldn't agree more. The girls go to lunch once, and she rescues her from being raped in the park...and they are best friends all of a sudden? Sure.

The ultimate resolution of the entire story? I called it moments after the "wish stone" made an appearance. I said out loud to my family (who was over to watch the movie), that WW is gonna have to give up her wish/destroy the stone to save the world.

The big part that would have been far more interesting to explore was the fact that Diana's wish essentially killed someone. Her wish brought back the soul of her dead boyfriend, and completely supplanted the soul of the guy who's body was just hijacked. This would have been a very good story to take. Not everything has to be the whole world getting sucked into hell. Instead, you can have a huge crisis for the main character and how they deal with it. This could have added the much needed emotional impact that the first one had when she had to realize that she was a weapon created to kill a god.

And then on a minor point that my dad brought WW's costume is her disguise? Gal Gadot puts on something to make her more noticible....and that keeps people from remembering her. You don't have anyone that goes to the mall, and a museum?


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