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My neighbor has a cat. Floffe Send a noteboard - 23/01/2021 06:15:49 PM

So far nothing out of the ordinary.

The cat is named Rambo. This can sometimes lead to amusing situations.

1) A few months after we moved in, someone rang our doorbell a Saturday morning. We let it slip, as we were still in bed. A few minutes later we got a text message from another neighbour, the one we know best. It read "Rambo is in your shed". (Back then we didn't know his name, it took a bit of thinking to understand what was going on.)

2) As I was doing some stuff outside this afternoon, the neighbour came out on her back yard (high fence between, no setting each other) and called for him: "Rambo? Baby?" (In Swedish, literally calling him a baby child).

I'm just amused by the contrast between the name and the other stuff.

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My neighbor has a cat. - 23/01/2021 06:15:49 PM 63 Views
I can see how getting that text might be somewhat disconcerting. *NM* - 24/01/2021 12:15:34 AM 5 Views

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