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An amusing story I also shared on Facebook damookster Send a noteboard - 01/10/2021 04:47:39 PM

Amusing as in laugh at Mookie.

Around a month ago a your memories on Facebook reminder made me realize I hadn't attended a concert in 2 years. So, I started looking at the websites of artists I like to see if they were coming to Connecticut anytime soon. Most were not.

But one such performer is the country star Kelsea Ballerini. Not only do I like her music but according to her website, she would be playing the XFinity Theater in Hartford on September 29th. I immediately purchased a ticket.

Unbeknownst to me, that is until I received the eTicket on my phone, this was not a Kelsea Ballerini tour. She was not the headline act. She was a special guest - the second act. The headliner and the tour name were featured on the subject line of the eTicket.

At first I thought it was a mistake, that Live Nation had sent me a wrong ticket. So I went to the XFinity website to double check. It was not a mistake.

At this point, if I were telling you this story I would lower my voice to prevent anyone from overhearing.

The headline act, much to my chagrin, was The Jonas Brothers Remember This Tour.

While I have varied musical tastes and like just about everything, this is not my preferred genre. Also, I am certainly not part of their target demographic. But I had already paid and so I went.

I estimate that the audience was at least 80% female. The few males in attendance were either with their girlfriends or daughters. Except for me.

Kelsea was great and I totally enjoyed her show. I was planning on leaving but I was in the middle of the row of seats which got more and more filled as we got closer to the main act. Feeble excuse?

Let's just say that once the JBs hit the stage and started to perform, the atmosphere in the theater was thick with 20 something female hormones. There were girls everywhere, dancing, singing along, twerking on each other, waving their adult beverages in the air and screaming out their love for their preferred brother.(mostly Joe) Or all three. There were also multiple suggestions of a more graphic nature, along with moans and screams that were positively orgasmic in nature.

It was an unique experience.

If I were only 45 years younger, my evening might have been even more memorable.



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
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