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Anyone home? Palatine Send a noteboard - 12/11/2021 10:37:35 PM

Hi, my user name is Palatine (as if you couldn't already see that) and my real name is Kelly. I haven't visited RAFO (or wotmania) in a long time. But since the WoT show is about to premier, I got all nostalgic and decided to drop by to see if RAFO was still active. Last I remember, Ben was going to shut the site down, but it still seems to be here, so I thought I'd just post a message to see who's still around and if anyone remembers me.

I hope that maybe I can reconnect with some old-timer wotmaniacs and perhaps meet some newer ones. So . . . yeah. Cheers!


I play air tambourine. Competitively.
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Anyone home? - 12/11/2021 10:37:35 PM 67 Views
Welcome back! Of course we remember you. - 12/11/2021 10:46:33 PM 12 Views
Thank you. *NM* - 12/11/2021 11:42:23 PM 1 Views
This place is “No Exit”, high Pal *NM* - 13/11/2021 12:13:48 AM 6 Views
Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In! *NM* - 13/11/2021 01:52:13 AM 2 Views
So I'm trapped now? High? Not yet. Hey, Roland! *NM* - 13/11/2021 04:06:28 AM 2 Views
Welcome back, I remember you! - 13/11/2021 01:48:25 AM 11 Views
Thank you. I hope so. - 13/11/2021 04:09:07 AM 7 Views
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. - 13/11/2021 03:15:25 AM 13 Views
Re: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. - 13/11/2021 04:11:58 AM 9 Views
Of course I remember you. - 13/11/2021 03:59:20 AM 15 Views
Glad to hear it, especially considering your age. - 13/11/2021 04:17:19 AM 12 Views

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