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My instinct Roland00 Send a noteboard - 19/11/2021 01:06:46 AM

Was them highly removing Book 2 stuff with the Horn, and either not doing it at all or moving the Seanchan stuff to Book 5 or 6 after the Aiel but before Battle of Dumai's Wells / Egwene joining the Rebel Sedai as their Amyrlin.


But to echo your sentiment but in a different direction. I seen other people (not me) think they are going to cut out the Aiel sections.


Changes will have to be done to fit 15 books into 80 episodes (who knows how many episodes per season, but 8 seasons.) And I will argue changes will have to be done to adapt any book into any tv show and have the final product be good even if there was no extra fluff.

But even if we grant changes are a necessity, how the changes occur and can you stick the landing of the gymnastic routine, matters. The final product we are going to get a "flat" mass culture response saying it is either very good, very bad, and a simplistic reason why even if that is not reality.

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