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What's a normal age to read Wheel of Time or Dune? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 25/11/2021 03:16:45 AM

Due to the recent screen adaptations of varying quality, on two separate conversations with my brother, who is one of the biggest readers in the family after me, the age at which I first read "Dune" and WoT came up and he was surprised at my age both times. I read Dune when I was 14 and started WoT at 16. He thought both ages were too young. Regarding other stuff in the genre, I read the Hobbit as a preteen, Narnia when I was 10, LotR at 15, the Simarillion at 16/17, Belgariad, Earthsea & Prydain at 14/15. I also, for my sins, read the first Dragonlance trilogy at 16 and the second Shannara series I started at 14 or 15 and finished at 16 (Talismans of Shannara and The Shadow Rising are the first two hardcover novels I ever purchased, though I'm not certain in which order) and the original trilogy at 17. I read a lot of classic sci-fi like Asimov and Campbell, including "Who Goes There" and "I, Robot" at 14-15 because of Dune, WoT came at the tail end of a fantasy kick that was probably sparked by reading a lot of Greek and Roman mythology at 14-15 (I remember 14-15 because I went to a different high school as a Freshman and suddenly had access to a lot of genre books so my memories of reading most of those are in that school & its bus).

I basically figured these were age appropriate books, because I understood and enjoyed them, even if it took me much longer to be able to analyze the deeper themes and whatnot. But now my niece is a teenager and she's a big fan of Harry Potter and Star Wars and Rick Riordan, and I'm wondering when it's appropriate to introduce these other things to her.

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What's a normal age to read Wheel of Time or Dune? - 25/11/2021 03:16:45 AM 125 Views
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