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Is anyone else watching The Righteous Gemstones on HBO? damookster Send a noteboard - 11/01/2022 04:24:55 PM

The show is hilarious. It's about the big business and conspicuous excesses of some evangelical churches. Particularly those who utilize every possible avenue to maximize their cash flow.

The Gemstones are patriarch Eli, played by John Goodman, his late wife Aimee Lee (Jennifer Nettles), firstborn son Jesse (played by show creator Danny McBride), middle child daughter Judy (Edi Patterson) and youngest Kelvin (Adam DeVine). The bickering between the adult kids is some of the funniest dialogue in the series. Walter Goggins is great, as usual, as a recurring character Baby Billy, Aimee Lee's younger brother who performed with her as a tent meeting child singing and dancing act. He's a bigger con man than his in-laws. Or at least more flagrant.

My only quibble is the disparity between the vast amount of male nudity vs. the much lesser amount of female nudity. Way too much peen and not enough T&A for my tastes!



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

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