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If the TV show makes it that far.... Jeordam Send a noteboard - 14/01/2022 07:19:39 PM

Since it has been years since I've read wot, I decided to give it a read-through. Its been like catching up with an old friend. I am currently in Book4, and it came to me that there is so much that the TV show (if it makes it that far) would leave out or completely screw up.

What came to mind was Mat going through the doorways, and then Rand doing the History of the Aiel.

In neither of these cases, Nynaeve or Egwene make an appearance, nor is there another female to drive the narrative (only part of that is snark). But it got me thinking of what else that the TV show wouldn't be able to pull off. These are the ones that come to mind, and why I don't think the series could do it.

The Cleansing of the Taint: the show has not established that the Power is completely different for men and women. It also has not set the groundwork for how the Shadar Logoth evil is different from the Dark One's evil. With some half way decent writing (unlikely) they can deal with the different evil aspects, but without the differences in the Power, it won't work.

Moiraine/Thom & Suian/Gareth: two heterosexual love stories with characters who the show has displayed are in a current and on-going lesbian relationship. Unless that crazy 4th oath is also a "Dear John" letter opening, this is gonna be skipped. Not a big deal, but it cuts the growth of both Moiraine & Suian.

The Forsaken (in general) and Aginor/Balthamel (in specific): as far as the show is concerned, Aginor/Balthamel are still alive. Meaning that they won't turn into Osangar/Arangar. This will have some pretty big shifts in story later.

So yeah...that's what came to mind.

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