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The Second Age would be the opposite of the woke crowd's agenda Cannoli Send a noteboard - 21/01/2022 03:07:10 AM

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We have a title now. We also have showrunners JD Payne and Patrick McKay. Who don't have many existing credits that make us confident they can do this.

Can I hope or is that a fool's errand?

Basically, aside from the drama with Amantar and Celebrimbor, where they can have Galadriel tell off the stupid male who gets tempted by the evil spirt, most of the Second Age is the Rise and Fall of Numenor. It's like Tolkien was writing to the American right in the future. It's the Cold War where the good country to the West becomes more interested in projecting power and establishing bases around the world, loses their traditions and values and falls away from their religion, and rather than put an end to the evil empire, they embrace its ideology and begin persecuting the conservatives.

Of course, we can always look at how the WoT show handled Shadar Logoth for a preview of how they are going to screw all that up. Can't WAIT to see how Ar-Pharazon is going to be made into a Trump analogue.

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