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A sad tale damookster Send a noteboard - 17/06/2022 01:50:50 AM

Last month, I spent a week in Asheville, NC with my son, Shannon (Bad Ash on Wotmania). It was a week of craft beer and distilleries, wineries and foodie restaurants. We had an awesome time and I am looking forward to going back.

So one early afternoon, we were walking around downtown looking for a place for lunch. We had already done Carolina barbecue and even a French bistro. We were looking for something a little more circulatory system friendly. As we were walking, I saw a sign across the street for a restaurant that served Indian street food. I pointed it out, but my son wanted to keep looking, saying we can come back here if we don't find anything else. I was disappointed but said why not, figuring I could get him to come back. He ended up picking a Middle Eastern spot. The food was inexpensive and good, so we left satisfied and I forgot about my Indian street food.

Until yesterday.

I was reading the NYT online while I ate lunch and spotted an article about the 2022 James Beard chef and restaurant awards. I'm kind of a foodie so I clicked in it to read the article. As I'm perusing the various categories, I come to the premier award, outstanding restaurant for 2022. It was given to Chai Pani.

This name tickled my memory in an unpleasant manner. I read further.

Chai Pani is located in Asheville, NC and their menu is devoted to Indian street food.

Please let this be a coincidence.

It wasn't.

It was the very restaurant we passed and kept walking.

I can not possibly describe how much this spoiled my recollection of what was previously viewed as a wonderful trip. I immediately castigated my son via text message.

I could have said, hey! I ate there last month! But nooooo...

Below is a link to their website and menu. Reading it exponentially increased my pain. I LOVE the food they serve.


Next time.



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
I can't Believe We Didn't Eat Here
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