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What a typical display of American stupidity... - Edit 1

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<I>American</I> schools suck. And this moron is living proof of that, because he sees that and his only policy recommendation is to focus funding on vouchers for what he correctly points out are glorified day care.

Missing completely in this analysis is that schools elsewhere mysteriously do a much better job. Is it that American children are unbelievably stupid, or that American adults just don't have a clue how to do schooling?

I come from a country that cannot teach the there Rs to everyone, and that justifiably makes India's system lousy. But those who do get access to education in India get a much better education than American children do, and it's not because our schools are stuffed full of dollar bills.

Of course, our new fascist overlords are doing all they can to change that, but even now, the science and math education in India is leaps and bounds over the complete nonsense you folks peddle to your children.

American education has many flaws, not least the idiotic idea that parents should decide what their children learn. So rather than let education be the engine for generational growth, you've built a system to distill and transmit the worst biases and stupidities of the previous generation.

The answer is not private school. It isn't more money per student at public school. It certainly as hell isn't no education at all. If that's the route you go, I guess it will be the biggest example of American cowardice. China will certainly rejoice, and I don't think the rest of the world will be far behind. A faster way to break American economic dominance I have not heard of.

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