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The website and phone person lied to me, *sigh* - Edit 1

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I don't disregard everything someone writes because I disagree with, or strongly object to other writings of theirs. But perhaps my subject line was inaccurate. I should have said, this essay makes some interesting points, rather than "100% Yes."

He is interesting to read. But I am pretty much antithetical to his entire idea system (was not so at one time.)

His idea system is an ideology / almost a religion (not that there is anything wrong with that, I do like to read things that are like this out of novelty and to love to test my own beliefs.) He truly believes these things, no evidence changes his mind, for he creates his scenarios prior to tension.

But once you start scratching whatever he is complaining about this week you often see he does not know much about the particulars of that issue, that local knowledge experts are better and he just wants to repair the world in the way he is most comfortable with.

The Exit option of the Exit, (Active) Voice, (Passive) Loyalty, and Neglect in other words. He has no faith in remain and thus the only alternative is to always exit and somehow this will be better. And maybe this is true but the conservative instinct inside of me doubts it just because you exit one institution / system does not make the new one better, there are dozens of ways to fail.

Sidenote his next book is going to be about Feminism

Any Labor Day plans Mookie?

Nothing special. Spend some time with family. My niece's husband is in a band that had a gig last night on the outdoor deck of a waterfront restaurant. The were fantastic. Their set ranged from Etta James to Lizzo. It was a great evening!

Well I have no plans for Monday so far, but it looks like if the phone and website did not lie to me I am going to get my COVID booster with the new version Omnicrom that the CDC approved yesterday ... I am going to get that in a few hours.

Then I am going to try to defrost and repair a freezer part of the fridge. It is leaking water and it can be one of five problem sand I hop it is just a frozen drain so that defrosting it may repair it, else I am going to have to be paying someone to repair it. So Yippee-ki-yay projects to do with my hands which will be either just nerves and/or repair bills.

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