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Chris Rock's live special on Netflix Saturday night was hilarious damookster Send a noteboard - 08/03/2023 03:45:18 PM

The title of the show was Selective Outrage. It's obviously referring to the last 10 minutes, where he absolutely eviscerates Will Smith and Jada. But that isn't the only highlight.

He starts out by illustrating the title - people still listen to Michael Jackson but not R Kelley!

He goes after corporate wokeness - Lululemon supports diversity and inclusion and opposes racism but charges 100 bucks for yoga pants, so they obviously only hate poor people!

He roasts Meghan Markle - "bitch won the light-skin lottery!" - and the culture of victimhood in general. He led into this by stating the true American addiction is to attention and listed four ways to get it:

  1. Show your ass
  2. Do some fucked up shit like shoot up a school or stab Dave Chappelle
  3. The most difficult way: be excellent at something. This is the least popular because it requires work
  4. Be a victim

Some reviewers have nitpicked about the production. It should be obvious that a live broadcast isn't going to have the perfect production values of an edited prerecorded special. In my opinion, it was more enjoyable being less polished. All in all, it was well worth an hour or so of my time, even if most people only watched for the last 10 minutes.



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
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Chris Rock's live special on Netflix Saturday night was hilarious - 08/03/2023 03:45:18 PM 112 Views
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