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57:53 Creepy little nerd doctor seems like he’s coming back.

57:20 This show has done absolutely nothing to earn the awe they want us to have over the appearance of the mythosaur. If appearance is the right word for that vague glimpse we got.

55:26 Does anyone ever answer the question “Can I ask you something?” with “no”?

53:24 My knowledge of TIE interceptors comes from old-school Battlefront II, where they were fast fighters, who were just about useless at taking down anything much heavier than a X-wing. Even a Y-wing was tricky, due to their superior armor and the weakness of interceptor-type fighters’ weaponry. In other words, Bo Katan’s ship should not have a prayer of outrunning them, but should also not be in danger of losing its shields to them.

53:09 We’re going with JJ Abrams’ retarded fixation on making space vehicles atmosphere-capable, I see. If standard Imperial and Rebel starfighters can fly and fight in a planet’s atmosphere, the Battle of Hoth makes absolutely no sense.

51:00 Of course, TIE Interceptors were also really hard to get a target lock on with a X-wing. An obsolete Naboo fighter like the N1 should be much harder.

48:12 So this episode is “The Convert”. Could mean Bo Katan embraces Djin’s sect having nowhere else to turn, or it could be they are as incompetent in their use of that term as they were with “Apostate”.

48:00 Is this Coruscant?

44:17 It makes no more sense to have a chauffer droid with mono-directional vision than those hallway monitors in the “Fortress Inquisitorious” in the Obi-Wan show.

42:43 Did the Empire have any old scientists?

42:17 Romance or is she a plant to recapture him or punish him for his defection?

40:00 It occurs to me these are not necessarily all Imperial scientists. Although, now I have to wonder, what exactly IS this amnesty program? It feels a lot like a prison camp, except the Empire was the legitimate (sort of) government for a long time. The vibe I get from this guy is not that of a die-hard party member or something. If the politicians in the lobby of the auditorium are free, despite clearly being indifferent to the return to the Republic, why is a mildly-unethical scientist in a monitoring or detention program?

39:32 We’re almost to commercial break. Looks like he’s a target.

38:15 Is he having to atone by doing data entry? I just don’t see the point of all this. If he’s an actual bad guy, he should be in prison-prison, not free to come and go, taking a taxi to a speaking gig and walk around unmonitored.

36:23 This guy really seems to have rose-colored goggles about the benevolence of the regime that has him wearing prison fatigues.

35:23 If Coruscant is so built-up that the streets are at the same elevation as their equivalent of Mount Everest, how do they breathe? Also, why does everything shown on-screen on this planet take place at the top? Shouldn’t this guy who has to wear a prison jumpsuit be in lower levels, where he does not get to see the sky? If a still-on-probation ex-Nazi gets to swan around up top, what kind of people live below?

33:49 I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume that there is some sort of lie-detector at work in this interview. Those are rather dumb questions to either ask, or to just accept a yes or no answer on the honor system.

32:31 This is just dumb. The droid’s answer is not that some bureaucrats don’t approve of his work, but that it is actually against the law! You need political backing to get back into that, not the assistance of a fellow probationary subject!

31:49 She is saying “we can get you”. Forget my awareness that this is a narrative written by rather unimaginative people, right off the bat, I would want to know who is this “we” who are going to be abetting me in highly illegal endeavors!

Also, speaking of unimaginative writers, we have one character ask another what he needs to continue his practical scientific research, which, when interrupted, was at the stage of experimenting with live subjects. The answer is “Supplies and a lab.” No shit! I think the non-scientist sort of person knows you need supplies and a lab, what they are asking the professional is what exactly those supplies entail!

31:30 If the New Republic has a “reintegration institute” you are so scared of going back to, why do you think they will handle your cloning discoveries any better than the Empire?

30:18 Is this guy with the cart an intelligence overseer, or an Imperial agent negging him?

29:15 This is really making the New Republic look bad. They have a memory hole.

27:27 Granted, we don’t have a lot of day-to-day views of the Empire on screen, but L-52’s life is straight out of your typical dystopian setting.

23:44 I guess they ran out of ideas for their bounty-hunter show, now that they got him through his nonsensical religious crisis.

20:35 I really feel like that conductor droid should have caught up with them.

19:41 How are these not guarded better? Imperial Star Destroyers, still with useful equipment aboard, and this single individual is the only one who realized the salvage potential?

19:02 The fact that these two people are right there, trying to break in and steal things is plenty of reason to guard them, regardless of whether or not they are operable!

17:12 Her name is Elia Kane, so at least I have something to call her.

16:43 WHY is everything he needs here? Why was it not removed from the ship, long before they started tearing out the wiring and so forth?

15:50 “I didn’t really have a chance to think about it,” in response to a question about what she wanted to be when she grew up strongly suggests someone who still considers herself under orders.

15:00 As K-2SO might say “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!” Taking a wild ass guess, I’m going to speculate that her Imperial comrades will kidnap Pershing and drag him off to do research for them, the New Republic, being as overworked and undermanned as they imply in this story so far, will simply place a bounty on him, and Din will pick it up, recognize that this is the guy who was doing creepy shit to Grogu, and thus attempt to kill two birds with one stone by hunting him down.

12:15 I suppose they think they are being clever, drawing attention to a Mon Calamari when he says “It was a trap”…

12:11 I can’t imagine what is going on here, unless it is part of a longer con to get him to believe he has no chance with the New Republic.

If this IS all on the level, why are they not double-checking the story of this renegade Imperial officer who claims that her fellow defector was up to shenanigans? What does his case of lab equipment prove? If she did not simply rat him out, and has a position of trust, why would the New Republic solicit the aid of one defector in testing the loyalties or obedience of her fellows and still not at least get his side of the story and check her harder? Why isn’t she wearing a wire?

11:25 How do you know she’s a success? Either the New Republic is a nightmare Orwellian dystopia or their security is even shittier than Alderaanian policies back before the Rebellion heated up.

10:00 Maybe Bo Katan is going to be a fake convert to fit in with the safehouse.

9:24 This place won’t be very covert as long as that tall-ass ship is sitting outside of it.

8:43 For that (hopefully) last time, that’s not what apostate means!

7:50 Is there any other kind of owl than a night owl? It seems kind of redundant to me…

6:24 Okay, Mandalore was still bombed to shit. How can Din be sure that his waters are going to test positive? Though I guess if the Living Waters don’t come up on their test, his bath doesn’t count, since they are not what they used to be, and have presumably lost their atonement properties.

6:09 Okay, he has the Darksaber, he’s been to Mandalore when even a royal native like Bo Katan feared to tread, and he’s bathed in the living waters, unlike anyone else. How is he not some sort of living saint to these people at this point?

5:51 It would be really funny if she didn’t need their sanctuary and she could troll them by whipping off her helmet as soon as the Smith Priestess said she was redeemed.

5:32 You can apostatize from The Way without ever rejecting it, and now you can convert to The Way by accident. This religion would be hilarious, if they were not so heavily armed and fixated on children.

4:48 I would like to have seen Bo Katan’s facial expression during all of that.

In hindsight, I would really like to know the point of that interlude with L-52/Pershing. I’m tempted to say it was a halfway decent bit of storytelling, if there is a reason for the stupidity on display. And the length of it actually cut down on the time available for incompetent action scenes or Mandalorian religious idiocy.

Surprisingly, the best episode of the season, so far, IMO.

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