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Today was the first NFL Sunday of 2023 damookster Send a noteboard - 11/09/2023 03:16:51 AM

This is the 7th NFL season since my wife passed. For the previous 6, unless I had other plans, my Sundays were spent the same way. Turn on the Red Zone channel at 1 pm Eastern time and 7 and a half hours later, flip over to the Sunday night game. Monday and Thursday nights also have one game each.

So today at 1, I turned on the TV and called to have a pizza delivered. Before the 1 pm games had ended and the 4 pm games started I realized something. I wasn’t paying any attention at all. I was bored. So I shut it off.

My team, the Giants were in the Sunday night game. I haven’t put it on.

This was no grand epiphany, no blinding flash of insight. I simply realized I don’t care who wins or loses enough to spend so much time watching.

This is somewhat surprising to me. When my dad and my uncles grew old and retired, they spent more time watching sports then they did while still working. I am doing the opposite. I can spend an entire rainy day streaming shows or movies but 3-4 hours watching a sports event is beyond me.

I wonder why. Consider it to be mild curiosity.



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
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