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Here’s something that totally torques me off damookster Send a noteboard - 14/09/2023 12:41:00 AM

When I go to the store and have to use a cart, I always return it to the cart corrals, or whatever the respective store calls the cart return areas. Always.

Several times, when doing so requires walking a short distance, some moron in the lot has yelled out, “what, do you work here or something?”

This royally pisses me off. Not merely because the asshole obviously wouldn’t dream of returning his cart. But far more so because he thinks this question demonstrates his rapier like wit.

My response is normally to ignore them. But the most recent dumbass repeated the question when I didn’t reply. This far exceeded the limits of my tolerance.

I smiled and said, it wasn’t funny the first time. You think repeating it somehow helps? But no, I don’t work here. Now go ahead and continue with your stupid point, if you must.

He got a little riled and said, why the fuck would you walk to the cart return when they have people they pay to get them?

I smiled again and replied, because my parents raised me to not be a dick.

There’s a dude on YouTube who’s channel is all about filming what people do when finished unloading their shopping cart. His hypothesis is that whether you take it to the cart return or not determines if you are a good person. I consider this a valid concept.



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
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