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A customer experience with follow up questions ( a mild rant) damookster Send a noteboard - 29/01/2024 09:15:52 PM

I went to a Starbucks this afternoon, although I don’t typically go there anymore. Their product has declined in quality as the prices have risen. But I really wanted a coffee, and the Starbucks is across the parking lot from the gym I had just left. So, one makes do.

The dark roast today was Sumatra which is one of the few I find still drinkable. When the barista handed me my coffee, I asked him if he knew if and when they would get any single origin Aged Sumatra beans. I said, I know it’s a limited release so it’s fine if you don’t know. He said he didn’t, but his manager and her boss were at the table behind me, and they might know the answer.

So, I repeated my question to them. The area manager replied, ah, sorry that is available Christmas time only. Really, I asked? Yes, it’s part of the Christmas Blend which was just discontinued.

I replied, no, I’m not asking about a blend. I’m asking about a single origin varietal. Well, they both chimed in, the next limited release will be in March. And what is that? The Anniversary Blend.

Once again. Not a blend. A Single. Origin. Varietal.

The next release after March will be a special blend in the summer.

I smiled and said, Thanks for your time. You’ve been very helpful (I lied). I’ll look online.

As I was walking away, one said, they have the same limited release blends online as we have here.

I walked out shaking my head like Daffy Duck restoring his face to its normal shape after being hit with a cast iron frying pan.

Here are my questions. I don’t believe I mumbled or stuttered. My voice is clear and not soft or difficult to hear. The dialogue as written herein is pretty much verbatim. So, was I unclear? Did I use vague, nebulous language? Should I be dismayed at their lack of comprehension and product knowledge? Or is this my fault for setting unreasonably high expectations?




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