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The Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce phenomenon damookster Send a noteboard - 31/01/2024 01:31:10 AM

I saw a funny meme yesterday. It said, at 250 pounds, an elephant is the biggest baby on land. Except for football fans who hate Taylor Swift supporting her boyfriend.

True story.

They obviously care for each other. She has every right to attend his games and support his team. An idiotic sports commentator asked, why didn’t CBS show Lamar Jackson’s wife? D’uh. If she was an A+ List celebrity, then they would have done so. But she isn’t. So they didn’t.

The NY Post beat reporter for the NY Jets wrote a column the other day about how his daughters never gave a rat’s ass about his work. Until the news broke about Taylor/Travis. Now they want to watch football games with him if the Chiefs are playing and freaked out when he told them he was in the stadium for Jets vs Chiefs and she was there. He is loving it and so are many other fathers of tweens.

Amusingly his youngest daughter asked, what did she smell like? He wrote, if I knew the answer I would undoubtedly still be in jail.

A marketing company that tracks these things computed that she has added 331.5 million dollars in value to the Chiefs and the NFL, in just these few months. This is not going away.

Deal with it.



"Bustin' makes me feel good!"

Ghostbusters, by Ray Parker Jr.
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