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That he appears to have done it as a jest makes this worse for that very reason. Hieshyn 25/10/2021 01:27:02 AM 182    
I only have the one. And I already gave it to someone else. Hieshyn 05/01/2021 03:35:37 AM 143 Yes  
I'll take Things That Will Never Happen for 800, Alex. Hieshyn 07/05/2020 06:51:29 AM 213 Yes  
October of 2006 I found WoTmania. Hieshyn 23/04/2020 06:07:59 AM 265 Yes  
You have inherited the Gift. Hieshyn 16/04/2020 07:23:08 PM 438    
My body screams for the gym. This pandemic showed me I need a house to put a home gym in. Hieshyn 16/04/2020 07:21:57 PM 390    
I miss parks. The National, State, and Municipal parks are all shut down here. There is nothing for Hieshyn 16/04/2020 07:16:59 PM 182 Yes  
Inbreeding is weird. Jessica was already the daughter of a Harkonnen. Hieshyn 16/04/2020 06:48:05 PM 247    
Maybe it is my American schooling making a mess of things Hieshyn 19/03/2020 03:51:01 PM 246    
No, you're dumb because your clear bias prevents you from understanding the point being made. Hieshyn 19/03/2020 03:42:23 PM 299    
Free stuff doesn't exist. Someone always pays. Hieshyn 01/03/2020 06:55:24 AM 149 Yes  
Hit me up, I just bought the Brooklyn Bridge. I'll make a killing on tolls. Hieshyn 28/02/2020 05:13:25 PM 151 Yes  
Nah, I'm well armed enough they'll keep me around. Bullets are good for revolution. Hieshyn 28/02/2020 03:06:40 PM 305    
I'm going to vote for him if he gets the nod. Hieshyn 28/02/2020 05:16:00 AM 318    
Surtur rises. Sets fire to all of Westeros. Hieshyn 11/05/2019 11:51:23 PM 222 Yes  
Let's all move to Two Rivers, Alaska. Hieshyn 06/03/2019 05:18:59 AM 251 Yes  
Were OP-forged weapons mass produced at any point? I seem to recall them being rare even in the AoL. Hieshyn 03/03/2019 12:41:48 AM 194 Yes  
More like a bastardized, uncultured version of an Age of Legends marvel. Hieshyn 27/02/2019 06:28:06 AM 418    
Ive developed a habit of startimg a book, getting distracted, and the starting a new book. Hieshyn 25/02/2019 06:00:37 PM 434    
For All Who Remain- Beware of Darkness Hieshyn 24/01/2019 01:31:00 AM 438