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i saw that last weekend Yunalesca Send a noteboard - 30/06/2011 08:20:05 PM
i don't know much about the GL comics but i found the film fairly crappy, the only redeeming features were the love interest not being fooled by his 'mask', the awesome effects and the fact that the lead's best mate was moss from the IT crowd.

the bad point are thus: the big bad's name sounded like a laxative, the rival guy looked too old to be that guy's son , going thru the asteroid belt doesn't get you to the sun damnit! and the whole consept of someone being powered by fear sounded like narm of the highest caliber "look as i tremble and wet myself at you!".

me and my friends had more fun taking the piss out of it than watching it and realised that our ticket purchases may go into funding for a sequel (:O)
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i saw that last weekend - 30/06/2011 08:20:05 PM 700 Views

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