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Huh. I was convinced... Legolas Send a noteboard - 22/09/2011 11:39:04 PM
In Angel, Doyle's death was planned from the start as part of the story. He killed Connor to get him out, and Cordelia was killed because her actress screwed up the plans for season four by getting pregnant. Fred's death is the only one that stands out as a signature Joss death for me, and she did get to come back as a different version of her character. Wes died at the end, but again, that's the very end. It seems to me that by the end, the show had a feel of a "guys make a last stand" sort of show, and that's why Fred was replaced with a less human, less feminine version of herself, eliminating the last bastion of femininity on the show before the endgame.

that Doyle's death was forced by circumstances (the actor's major drug issues, he died of an overdose what, a year after his last appearance on the show?). If it was planned, that certainly lowers my appreciation of season one, because frankly it hurt the season quite a bit, having to bring in a new supporting cast member (even if was one with a prior history on Buffy).

Didn't know that about Cordy (well, about Charisma Carpenter, I guess), interesting. The Fred-Illyria switch was very strange, I'm still not sure what the point of it was, other than Josh's love for cute petite women going on violent streaks, preferably with spectacularly coloured hair (I guess River at least has fairly ordinary hair...).
So five signature deaths in five shows and nothing outside of those shows. I think everyone deserves at least one emotional, unreversable major character death per show. But it's defintely true that he's known for character deaths. I just don't think it's quite one-trick-pony material, because he doesn't fall back on it every time. But it's close, and it's a fair point, because you can pretty much guarantee that someone is going to die in a Joss show. But I think that most (not all) of his deaths have valid story-effect-driven reasons for happening.

It's really just Tara that's unforgiveable. Most of all the way he killed her in the very first episode in which she finally became a main cast member - and in such a stupid, meaningless way. Her death made sense for Willow's character development, of course, much like Joyce's did for Buffy's, but still.
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