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View original postI've been sort of annoyed with the way Monroe is written so nerdy and dorky, when the very beginning of the show seemed to be portraying him as a very dangerous individual who buries that aspect of himself beneath harmless affectations, but on the other hand, Silas Wier Mitchell's performance is one of the highlights of the show, so it evens out. This new episode, however, kind of highlighted the problem with a long network-series season: they try to draw the crises and problems out too long. Once they got everyone in the right place to talk things out, the spell-triangle was fairly simple to resolve, and also contained the seeds for a big leap forward in Nick's understanding of his place in the show's mythology. But they spent the whole 2012 part of season 2 dithering, and it was getting frustrating. I think the flaws in Grimm are due in large part to its format, and within those limitations, they do a good job.

I have tried not to critique certain shows so much, otherwise I wouldnt like them. TV shows annoy me generally unless I let that stuff go.

The dithering was annoying, I agree. Juliette annoyed the piss out of me for two seasons. I wonder how she will change once this spell gets sorted, and I wonder how the Mr. Royal Prince/Captain character is going to turn out. Glad they're showing more depth in him. I am liking the new badass Nick, but I hope they don't overplay it. I love Monroe, he is my favorite character. Hank has seemed to be in the back seat lately, my interest in him is waning now that he can see Wesen.


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Yay for Grimm being back! I now it's not perfect, but I'm glad it's back on. It's entertaining. *NM* - 10/03/2013 06:01:16 AM 340 Views
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I was starting to worry about it, being off for so long. - 17/03/2013 02:20:38 AM 366 Views
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I just starting watching this season but I enjoy it. *NM* - 17/03/2013 11:54:31 AM 305 Views

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