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Regarding the Quickpoll: What constitutes the degrees of Star Trek fandom? Cannoli Send a noteboard - 11/05/2013 08:56:29 AM

I have more or less considered myself a Star Trek fan, if not a Trekkie, but I realize when considering the amount of Star Trek I have actually seen, that’s not very much.

  • I have seen about 30 or so of Original Series episodes, and loved them as a kid, but watching them as an adult they don’t hold up very well.

  • I have seen every single movie and I really liked all the even-numbered ones except for Nemesis, and I liked the reboot and I even liked III, if not as much as II, IV or VI. I recently saw the glass-walled shower stall in my brother’s house and my first thought was to ask if he ever leaned on the glass and gasped out “the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few…or the one. I am, and always have been…your friend…” (He does not, but only because it’s broken and they don’t even use it for showering). The list of movie lines that still gives me shivers down the spine includes “target that explosion and FIRE!”

  • I have seen a single episode of TGN. And that one because it guest starred Scotty. What I know about TGN comes from the movies and the preview for the show which was on the VHS tape of the fourth movie, which I watched repeatedly in my youth, to the point where I can still hear the announcer describing Jordy as a man with “unique vision” only for him to turn out to be the Reading Rainbow guy when he got captured and lost the visor in that one movie. I mean, I have absorbed all the names and most of the significant actors through pop culture osmosis, but I have really only ever seen that one episode and four movies.

  • I have seen just enough of Voyager when my brother (not the cool one with the shower, a different one) used to tape and watch it religiously, to despise it with a passion. I was highly justified in this when the John Birch Society also pointed out the numerous flaws in Janeway’s characterization compared to the original show. I don’t think I have ever sat through a full episode, but I picked up a lot of names from the bits and pieces I watched, here and there, and in talking with those of my brothers who did watch the show.

  • I saw maybe one episode of DS9, where the parasite-head-speckles chick was on trial for something her alien parasite did in a previous host, and some odd footage here and there, and again, picked up some names and details like Ferengi and Odo and the doctor being a hologram.

  • I read some of the novels (borrowed from the same brother again), and learned to hate the concept of Mary-Sue from one book called “Uhura’s Song” years before the internet told me the name for that was Mary-Sue. It was THAT egregious that the character still pops into my head anytime I hear or read a discussion of the Mary-Sue concept. So, aside from a novel covering the backstory of the planet Vulcan, I mostly disliked the novels, only reading a dozen or so.

  • I have seen exactly nothing of the Scott Bakula show, and I am, in fact, struggling to recall the name of it, which, if it does not appear immediately following this sentence, means I could not think of it while finishing my post. Star Trek…Something?

  • I loved Galaxy Quest.

So where does that leave me? Am I a Star Trek fan? Setting aside the subjectivity of the answers offered by the Poll, does my level of watching and selective enjoyment count on the scale of a fandom characterized by conventions and costumes and mastery of fictitious languages?

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